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  Hello, here comes „Little Atom“ !
What I want to do is to invite you to a journey into the world of energy. This will be a journey, where you will find out
  • A lot of interesting facts
  • A lot of things you always wanted to know
  • And very important news for you!
You notice very often that adults talk a lot about
  • nuclear energy
  • atomic power-stations
  • atomic waste
  • accidents at atomic power-stations
  • and radiation protection.


That sounds very difficult, doesn’t it?
But I will try to explain all these things to you!

a nuclear power plant

What more will I do?
Radiation protection is so important that I want to help you understand it. Mainly you should know what you yourself can do.
I really hope the journey will be of interest for you! So let’s start , keep your eyes and ears wide open – and you surely will understand all the facts you wanted to know.