The Story Of The Nuclear Particles


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Our first destination? The whole world! Because we are everywhere, we: the Atoms
My family, the atoms, lives all over the world. And we are very important,
because atoms build up everything you can imagine! Everything you see, touch, taste consists of us – the atoms.

But there is an enormous difference between the different families of atoms. If you compare it with a normal family like yours it is the same – not every member of the family matches the other! The most lightweight atom is the Hydrogen-Atom. If the other atoms like:

  • oxygen
  • nitrogen
  • silicon
  • iron
  • aluminium
  • calcium
want to know, which weight they have, the have to compare themselves with the weight of on hydrogen-atom. As an example: How much more does oxygen weigh compared to hydrogen?
      hydrogen                oxygen

That is a funny answer: 16 times more!!!

the Atomium in Brüssel

I think it is great that each material consists of only one sort of atoms. Those materials also have a special name. They are called: elements.
One of them is oxygen. Oxygen consists of many, many equal atoms, the oxygen –atoms.

Some families join together, they build new elements.
I will give you an example: Every day you deal a lot with water!
• You take a shower
• You take a bath
• You drink a glass of water
Water consists of two families of atoms, the hydrogen and the oxygen family!
2 atoms hydrogen are combined with 1 atom oxygen.
Now, the name for hydrogen is a simple “H”, for oxygen the “O”. And so it comes that
1 atom H + 1 atom H + 1 atom 0 makes H2 O
This is the “official name” of water!

If you drink water, you drink lightweight water.
You also swim and bathe in lightweight water!

You think there is no other water than that?
Wait and see….