The Story Of The Nuclear Particles


page 03

This stop we make at a page of a book! You want to know why we visit a book?
Look, you surely want to know how things around you are built. All those things that are built by atoms. The reason why you must simply understand it is that you can’t see any member of our family. You only can see the product we are building.

Now imagine:

  •       This is one page of a book.

  •       Many sentences are printed on it.

  •       Each sentence consists of words.

  •       Those words are built by letters. Those letters must be connected in a sensible way otherwise we don´t get proper words.
    It is completely equal to how we atoms are connected together!

  •       If we join the right way we build molecules.

  •       Those molecules build elements.

  •       The elements are those who build the things.

… now that is how you can see, feel and even touch our family!

Why I speak about “feeling” I will explain to you later on…